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´╗┐Talking about sex doesn't really need to be scary and I'll tell you why. Because Australia is made up of different types of people from a lot of different cultural backgrounds.

What is culture? Some people think Australian culture is like this. But really it's more like this. So to see Australia as it is you really need to be culturally aware. And for all Australians to be healthy we need to talk about sexual health and bloodborne viruses.

So how do we do that? Well cultural awareness is like a voyage of discovery. And you're wearing a pair of these, your cultural lenses. Mostly people look at life through their own cultural lenses. But you don't even notice it. You see where you work, who you work with, where you came from are part of your culture. But the people you meet might not be the same as you. Like me. You don't need to take them off to see clearly. You just have to realise that you're wearing them.

Be curious because if you are you learn a lot about different cultures along the way. So if the sexual health of your community is part of your responsibility guess what welcome aboard and let's get this started.